Sunday, September 12, 2010

one two skip a few

So, since I don't have a team with five other random people to create a line, I am skipping episode five. Lame, maybe. However, I don't feel that I can truly recreate that challenge on my own.

So, I am working on a lovely bridesmaid recreation!

Come back soon to find out what I do with this parachute like fabric! Find out why a cat is my bouquet! Shenanigans will ensue!!!


  1. Short of having someone pick the 2 catagories for you to design from, (team underdog did create their own full looks after all)and then just creating the one look, skipping it makes sense...otherwise you could place yourself on one of the 2 teams and then try to create a look that worked w/ their's..

  2. I thought about that after I watched the episode. However, watching enough to get the challenge and starting construction I wouldn't have figured that out. That may be one I do at the end, and create a piece to fit in with the Military and Lace team. I think I am more of a misfit anyway.
    I have put feelers out to see if I can get someone to do the most recent challenge with me, but I am waiting to hear!