Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today's the day. The big premier of season 8 of Project Runway. It is also the big premier of this blog.

I have loved fashion and sewing for years. As a wee one when posed the inevitable question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I responded, "A rich and famous fashion designer." I sketched lines, designed fabrics, and practiced a runway strut. I got pushed off the path here and there, but the passion for fashion has remained. With the creation of Project Runway, it seemed that maybe the universe was talking to me. Last season I thought I could try my hand at applying, but realized I had no idea if I could actually nail the challenges. So, I have challenged myself.

Each week, I will record the episode. Saturday morning, I will watch enough to find out what the challenge is. Then, I will follow the instructions. Sketch for the allotted time, visit the closest approximation of the location, etc. I will hit my local favorite fabric store with stopwatch in hand, and create! I will stay within the budget constraints of the project (most likely, I will be under as I am funding this venture on my own), and the time constraints. The results will be up by Monday, here on the site. I don't have the advantage of a model, stylists, or an accessory wall so I will have to improvise a bit there. The accessory wall will be my accessory collection, I will be the model, and the stylist. I am sure the neighborhood will be amused when I am strutting up and down the sidewalk.

Will I make it work? Stay tuned to find out.